CORONAVIRUS: Sweden forgoes harsh social-distancing & lock-down protocols yet, compared to othe

Does Sweden have something here? They decided NOT to impose mandatory STAY-AT-HOME orders or a shut down of their borders, preschools, grade schools, bars, restaurants, parks, shops, etc. As of April 6, there were 415 COVID-19 deaths in Sweden compared to similar-sized Switzerland having 715 deaths.

As of this post, Switzerland, who is in shut-down mode, has 22,789 cases of COVID-19, while Sweden, NOT in shut-down mode has 8,419 cases and as of April 6, only TWENTY-FIVE COVID-19 ICU admissions among all Swedes under the age of 30. Most of Sweden’s ICU cases today are elderly, and 77 percent have underlying conditions such as heart disease, respiratory disease, kidney disease, and diabetes. Moreover, there hasn’t been a single pediatric ICU case or death in Sweden.

Even with the social-distancing & lock-down protocols in place in major cities across the world, COVID-19 numbers continue to rise drastically which seems to suggest that they are ineffective when it comes the the spread of the virus.

While governments across the globe try to understand COVID-19, it seems pretty clear that we are in uncharted territory and much about how the virus is spread or even its effects on humans, is still widely unknown. However, as National Review the article below suggests, to require proof beyond a reasonable doubt to convict a person of theft and throw them in jail, you don’t need any actual evidence (much less proof) to put millions of people into a highly invasive and burdensome lock-down with no end in sight and nothing to prevent the lock-down from being reimposed at the whim of public-health officials.

Is this rational?

The National Review article, Has Sweden Found the Right Solution to the Coronavirus?, is a great read and makes many valid points.


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