The Conservative Ubanite's Opinion on Transgenders Serving in the U.S. Armed Forces

Let me be crystal CLEAR; as a MEMBER OF THE LGBT Community, a VETERAN & PATRIOT, I 100% AGREE with President Donald J. Trump's decision NOT TO ALLOW TRANS PEOPLE to serve in the U.S. Armed Forces. In addition to the added health care cost and while transitioning, not being combat ready; if you have never served or are unfamiliar with the military culture, policies and something we who served calls MILITARY BEARING, then I feel you are uninformed and shouldn't advocate an opposing viewpoint on the issue. If you have served and disagree, I am open for a respectful debate on this issue(s). Post your comments below and let's have a meaningful discussion. Below is an excerpt from my interview with Black Conservatives for Truth on the topic.

As a U.S. Army Medial Specialist specializing in internal medicine & primary care, I know that the U.S. Armed Forces are not equipped to deal with trans issues in a combat situation or even in a field medical unit.

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-Howard Nelson Cromwell,


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